We bring
empathy together
with business

We propose strategic solutions. Our innovations increase revenue and make sense to users.

We bring<br />empathy together<br />with business
IdeaSense IdeaSense

We open the door to prosperity

We handle things strategically – if sales are declining, you’re getting out of step with the competition, or you want to test a new service. We get to the root of the problem and offer a solution. The Ideapoly predictive markets will determine the commercial potential of all kinds of solutions so that you make a sensible investment.

We give you a look at people’s behavior and emotions

We use methods that come from cultural anthropology, behavioral economics, and semiotics. What we understand about users we turn into proposals for new technology, services, and products. We test prototypes in real-world environments and only go for the ones that are demonstrably viable for the market.

We’re in this with you

We develop all of our innovations in collaboration with our clients. Thanks to the Human Centered Design method, you will see your business through new eyes and get solutions faster. We bring your people together across the company, teaching them to work together effectively and continuously innovate.

We have our own development team

We are also able to make the technological solutions that come from the innovation process a reality. Our developers take part in projects right from the outset. This keeps the whole team focused on a practicable result that will meet your business objective to a tee.

Technology and design
How Kateřina sees it
How Kateřina sees it
The innovation is a minor miracle – all of a sudden something that wasn’t working, works.

HOW WE WORK We have our own tried-and-true methods

Step 1

Introductory research

We map out the market and your customers’ behavior and discover new opportunities for you.

Step 2

From idea to prototype

We work with you to develop several different solutions. We test the prototypes in real-world situations.

Step 3

Business model

We propose a working business model and prepare a detailed financial plan for you.

Step 4

From plan to execution

We help you make the best concept a reality. We keep an eye out to make sure the whole implementation is a success from start to finish.

Ruda adds
Ruda adds
With each project we continuously check up on how the service or product developed is responding to the internal needs of the users.
Our tools

How we develop innovations

Innovation farms®

Be there for everything. We will take you through the innovation process from the idea to the prototype to the detailed design of the product. Together we’ll start up changes that will let you get the most out of your people’s potential.

More about Innovation farms®

Innovation ecosystem

You will learn to innovate along the way. We will help you set up organizational processes so that no creative idea falls between the cracks. Then you will be able to turn your employees’ ideas into real business results on your own.

More about Innovation ecosystem


Choose the most promising project. The Ideapoly® virtual market can determine the potential of any idea in the real world. This software platform takes advantage of the principles of game playing, open innovation, and crowdsourcing to handle an organization’s strategic development.

More about Ideapoly®

Life jobs®

Find out what kinds of personal needs people spend money on without getting what they want. We measure the volume of this “available” money on the market and advise you on how to redirect it into your products and services.

More about Life Jobs®

Everything you need to innovate

Kick start your innovation development in the Idea Delivery Lab. You will become part of community of innovators from various companies and startups with offices equipped for your needs. And you will have the team of IdeaSense innovation designers to support you.

Idea Delivery Lab

Learn more
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab

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