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Design & technology
based on data

Intensive work with data allows us to design and develop innovative and advanced solutions.

Honza says
Honza says
We are unique in developing solutions through Human-Centered Design approach, working closely with IdeaSense innovation designers.

Our progressive team consists of experienced developers and designers who know how to tackle every challenge.

What we focus on

Jakub adds
Jakub adds
We like anything new - be it technology or visual style.



- Fully OO PHP 7.3+
- Framework Nette (Symfony)
- Doctrine 2 ORM
- REST, GraphQL
- MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Elastic
- Docker, Apache, Nginx
- RabbitMQ, Redis
- Sentry, Datadog, Blackfire
- PHPUnit


- JS Framework Vue.js
- Framework Nuxt.js for Vue
- Webpack
- Mocha + Chai + Sinon testing
- Headless CMS
- Server-side rendering
- Speed optimization techniques
- SEO friendly development


- User experience design (UX)
- Graphic interface design (UI)
- Company identity & branding
- Research and testing, evaluation
- 2D/3D graphics and postproduction
- virtual reality / augmented reality

We look better on the inside
Who is in the team's core

Adam Karnet
team leadanalysisvue cookingproject managerphppulp literatureheadless

Adam Karnet

Squad Skipper
Honza Nový
phpserver sidedatabasesc-rated moviesnodeshooting rangeapi

Honza Nový

Backend Patriarch
Jakub Sodomka
ux & ui designartux testingphotographyinteractive experiencefresh ideas

Jakub Sodomka

Design Authority
Mirek Andreáš
htmlscsspowerliftingspeed optimizationampsocialsonpage seo

Mirek Andreáš

Frontend Advisor

There are more of us

There is a lot of incredibly talented people we collaborate with on our projects every day. They are brilliant developers, designers, animation experts and other professions tied closely to digital products.

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