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We turn daring ideas into a prosperous business.

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We have experience

We have successfully made a wide range of innovations a reality. We understand product and service design across a multitude of fields. We have worked in the management of both big companies and startups.

We save you resources

With our innovation process you will get your innovations onto the market faster. And not only that. Your ideas will be enriched by the wealth of experience from the people on the IdeaSense Advisory Board.

We give you certainty

You will know the market potential of your innovations before you invest in them. We support your decision for or against with clear data.

You’ll enjoy it

Get your people involved in a process of innovation that will bring substantive results for your company and customers. Get experience that can change your business.

How we do it

Everything you need to innovate

Kick start your innovation development in the Idea Delivery Lab. You will become part of community of innovators from various companies and startups with offices equipped for your needs. And you will have the team of IdeaSense innovation designers to support you.

Idea Delivery Lab

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Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab
Idea Delivery Lab

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Our team combines the experience of experts in research, innovation, and business.

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