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Individualized care for the elderly & handicapped

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The challenge

Individualized Care for the Elderly and Handicapped aims to develop human-centered innovation approach in the design of social services. Project is sponsored by the ESF Operational Program Employment.


In this project, the aim is to develop a methodology for using human-centered approach in the design and continual improvement of social services.


We aim to develop a program through which a majority of social services, such as homes for the elderly, socially and mentally disadvantaged or handicapped will be able to use the human-centered design (HCD) approach. The HCD approach effectively gathers feedback from users, as well as ensures in-depth exploration of the user needs. Understanding the user needs then becomes the ground for better and more individualised design of social services. The HCD method will be applied in 12 social care organizations (homes for the elderly, special care homes, homes for the handicapped). Aside from prototyping a range of new services, we will also develop a program for continual assessment of the changing needs of users in social services, which wil lbe used by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.

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