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We focus on customer-centered innovations with clear business benefits and feasibility. We are with you from idea to implementation.

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Design thinking

Innovations built on deep understanding, creativity and financial viability.

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Development companies using design thinking

Customer and expert co-creation

Our creative process brings together the creativity and experience of experts and customers.


We map out the market alongside consumer behavior. We draw inspiration from the most advanced solutions on the market. We discover opportunities.


We develop concepts and prototypes together with your team, experts and customers. We test innovations in real-life situations.


We develop a functional business model, and calculate a detailed business plan. We prepare the implementation, so that you are ready to go.

Innovation Farms®

Experience the innovation development process from initial ideas to detailed product design. Our unique process will help you launch innovations that will bring positive change to your company.

Innovation Ecosystem

Great ideas will no longer be swept under the carpet. We will set up an innovation ecosystem in your company that will bring together the best ideas from your employees, as well as from your customers and business partners. Innovation ecosystem consists of processes, organizational and cultural changes that will release the creative potential for building an innovative organization.


If anyone can have a good idea, how can you tell which one the company will most benefit from? Ideapoly® gives employees the tools to develop small or ground-breaking innovations. The virtual market Ideapoly® will then reveal which ideas are most worth investing in.

Ideapoly is developed and distributed by our sister company, IdeaMarkets.

If you are in the same situation as our clients, we know how to do it.

Innovative workshops in practice
  • We recognize opportunities where others see problems

    Our know-how ranges from cultural anthropology to complex technologies. We perceive the latent opportunities where others see problems. Ethnography and design research helps us understand how people behave, what their real needs and emotions are. This understanding then shapes our technology, services and products design.

  • We bring our clients into the process

    In the co-creation process, we bring together the knowledge of the client team, our experience and the needs of customers. The wide spectrum of various points of view, insights and experience then opens up new paths to innovative thinking.

  • We protect your investment

    We create variations of conceptual prototypes and develop a financial business case before you start investing. The service or product prototypes we develop are thoroughly tested with your customers in real life situations. The data we get is projected into the business case, leaving you fully informed as to how much the investment into the innovative concept is worth.

  • We will make your decisions easy

    We explain the details of every proposed concept, so that your decision is supported from all necessary aspects. You will know that the product is viable on the market and desired by customers. You will know the business potential before you start the usually demanding implementation.

"We not solve problems if we use the same way of thinking that led us to them."

Albert Einstein

Our work

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Our team

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If you are a creative person who enjoys interesting work, if you can independently lead projects, be thorough and responsible, you might be the kind of person we are looking for. Or do you even have a knack for human empathy, and courage to overcome obstacles? Then we would love to hear from you.

Rudolf Čihák

Chief Executive Officer

Rudolf manages the IdeaSense company, which he founded together with Kateřina Ailová in 2012. The company’s focus is work on innovative projects as well as the development of an innovative culture and implementation of innovation ecosystems. In the past, he worked as Technical Director at Lucent Technologies, where he introduced new types of technological innovations, to the Czech market, particularly in the field of fiber optics, in cooperation with American Bell Labs. During his work for CSA he led a section of Innovation and Projects where he successfully introduced a highly-functioning innovation ecosystems for effective management of ideas from inception to project implementation. At Vodafone he worked as Director for Strategic Transformation and he led many complex transformation projects focusing on technology, sales, marketing and customer experience. He majored in telecommunications and transport at the Technical University of Zilina. Ruda is an active pilot of single-engine aircraft and in his spare time he enjoys aerobatics.

Kateřina Ailová

Co-Founder and Partner

Kateřina is a co-founder of IdeaSense. For many years she has been focusing on the use of qualitative market research and creative techniques to innovate products and services. Her expertise is design thinking and customer experience design which draw on insights from ethnography, semiotics, user experience and creative cooperation with client teams and customers. She has wide experience in implementing innovation ecosystems in companies and developing innovative corporate culture and innovation processes.

After completing her Master's degree at Charles University in Prague she was awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship for doctoral study in cultural anthropology at Brandeis University in the United States. As a cultural anthropologist she conducted field research among the Zapotec people in Mexico and the Navajo Indians in Arizona. She taught and conducted anthropological research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she worked as a brand planner at advertising agencies in New York and Prague. She developed ethnography and other innovative market research methods at the Synovate research agency and at Vodafone, where she also focused on the implementation of an innovation ecosystem. She is interested in design, architecture and contemporary art, salsa, skiing and yoga.

Michal Reynaud

Chief Innovation Officer

Michal is responsible for managing the overall innovation process and coaching the innovation team. He has extensive experience leading complex projects. He started his career with Brand Experience at Oskar within Telco. Later, as part of the Vodafone group, he managed the assets portfolio as a Director of Property. He brings valuable experience of the functioning and implementation of innovative solutions in large multinational corporations. His knowledge of human behaviour within the working environment is also invaluable. In his free time he composes music, travels and takes care of all living things at home.

Marek Jirásek

Chief Operations Officer

Marek is in charge of operations management of IdeaSense teams. He has plentiful experience in this realm. In his previous role as the Operations Director at Kantar TNS (formerly TNS AISA), he dealt with everything from crisis management to the day-to-day efficient functioning of research and production departments, team mergers, company stabilization, instruments development, or cross-functional collaboration. He understands details as well as the strategic picture. He likes people with strong opinions, enjoys resolving difficult situations, loves negotiation and has no fear of making decisions. When he sets his mind to something, it happens. Otherwise his marathon time would not be 2:44 and he would not rank third in the hundred-kilometer national championship ultramarathon. Running is a meditation, he says. (We don't believe it.)

Růžena Stejskalová

Chief Commercial Officer

Růženka is in charge of winning new contracts and is a fount of inspiration for the projects of Innovation Farms. She brings her extensive experience in running large companies into IdeaSense. For Vodafone, she led sales teams, and teams of technical support and customer care for the biggest Czech and multinational corporate clients. For her customer oriented approach, she has always been a resourceful voice of the customer in the development of strategies, process improvement and implementing new services. As the technical support director she introduced a new concept of a proactive approach for corporate clients, which, thanks to its excellent results, has become a model for other countries where Vodafone operates and where it has subsequentlybeen implemented. Růženka is one of the first Czechs who received certification from the prestigious Worldwide Association of Business Coaches for her own coaching practice. Both the IdeaSense team and clients of the innovation projects benefit from her rich experience in creative development of teams, and in promoting and managing the implementation of changes. In her free time she enjoys sports, especially fitness exercise, running and snowboarding. She organises the Well-being Camp focused on the well-being of body and mind. She likes traveling and learning about local cuisines, and she loves Asia.

Kateřina Holnová

Chief Marketing Mind

Kateřina is in charge of IdeaSense marketing, so that our great work is heard of and seen, as it deserves. She brings rich experience in both digital and classical marketing to IdeaSense. She previously brought major changes to communications and marketing of PetCenter, the largest retail chain in Czech Republic. She draws on her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience in different fields, such as ​​business, sales, project management and innovation, customer experience and technology. Kateřina is also gradually taking on leadership roles in new startups launched by IdeaSense. In her free time, she devotes herself to her dog, likes running, cycling and skiing, and she loves culture. She can also look into your soul through kinesiology and systemic constellations, and if you dare to hear it, read your astrology chart.

Martin Pavlica

Chief Predictive Thinker

Martin runs the IdeaMarkets team dedicated to developing the Ideapoly platform. Ideapoly is not only a unique tool for managing innovation in companies, but it is the most accurate tool for predicting the future of products on the market. Martin is also involved in projects where IdeaSense develops and implements innovation ecosystems in companies. His extensive experience in managing large projects and building startups includes the design and implementation of the popular online database application of the Commercial Register of the Ministry of Justice or the recent Chcipráci.cz portal. Despite being technically trained, Martin is focused on customer needs, innovation, and the pursuit of beauty in simplicity. He graduated in Computer Science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In his spare moments, he is dedicated to family, golf and jogging. And his favourite statement? The difference between difficult and impossible is given only by the time we need.

Leona Masare

Innovation Designer

Leona is responsible for the management of innovation projects at IdeaSense, using design thinking and other human-centered innovation methodologies. She specializes in organizational development, design of products and services and works on several social innovation projects. She gained her previous experience in intercultural education and in the development of nonprofit organizations abroad. As a trainer for intercultural topics she worked with Cartus and AFS for more than 10 years. Under the banner of Člověk v tísni (People in Need) she has helped more than 25 organizations in the preparation and implementation of their projects through workshops, consultations and grant programs. In the position of Head of Programs, Leona managed projects for People in Need in Burma. She devotes her free time to reading all kinds of books, travel and exploring new cultural venues and experiences in Prague.

Tereza Štolbová

Innovation Designer

Tereza joined IdeaSense after working as a design researcher for the London agency STBY Ltd, which specialises in ethnographic design research. She studied graphic design and has a Master's degree in Service Design from the University of Dundee, Scotland. Tereza has a broad graphic portfolio thanks to many years of freelancing. Her niche is translating complicated information into visuals and animated films comprehensible to anyone and everyone. Among other things she collaborated on the www.diytoolkit.org project together with Nesta and the Rockefeller Foundation. For this project she created 30 animated instructional videos. She likes to sing, play tennis and is obsessed with DIY. Tereza is a firm believer in the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” and in everyday human inventiveness.

Dalibor Tomko

Innovation Designer

Dalibor is an experienced Innovation Designer who has been tinkering with human-centered design and social innovations for a while, helping nonprofits as well as businesses appreciate these disruptive mindsets. His diverse mix of experience comes from strategy consulting with a leading global firm, volunteering with nonprofits, stoking local activism, and exploring various fringe communities. At IdeaSense, he leads projects, works on ethnography, observes, experiments, and brings up unexpected and surprisingly useful perspectives to innovative solutions. In essence, he is an explorer and a guide roaming through newly emerging value systems and mindsets. When you can't find him, he might be playing with the more-than-human nature and his human friends in the midst of woods and meadows near the Czech highest mountain range, see it at www.divoko.cz/en.

Michaela Jelínková

Innovation Designer

In her innovation design work, Misha utilizes her extensive experience in finance and her former role as CEO of one of the largest pharmaceuticals distributors in the Czech Republic. She loves numbers, but she is certainly not a boring mathlete. After graduating from the University of Economics, she wanted to remain faithful to her field of expertise and began working in controlling for the German group Phoenix which is active in pharmaceutical distribution and runs retail pharmacies. For two years, she worked for the telecommunication company Lucent Technologies only to return to Phoenix for the next 13 years, this time as CFO and later CEO for the Czech Republic. She is a mother of three and she is used to getting to the point quickly and efficiently. In recent years, in addition to finance, she has also devoted herself to business, marketing, business development and innovation. She began to enjoy it so much that she is now fully committed to innovation projects. Her experience in leading a large company, and her creativity together with her financial intuition, make unique contributions to innovative solutions. Misha is a passionate reader, an enthusiastic cook, she likes practicing yoga, and she really does not like having her pictures taken.

Marta Fedorková

Innovation Designer

Marta is an experienced user researcher and innovation consultant, interested in bringing user-centric approaches to strategy, product/service, and organisational development in international contexts. Marta studied Sociology and Applied social science research at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and Copenhagen University, Denmark. Prior to her return to Prague, she worked for 6 years at ReD Associates, a leading Scandinavian strategy and innovation consultancy, on a broad range of projects for international clients, spanning from new diabetes treatments in the US to Champagne in Japan. Lately, she enjoyed delving deeper into topics of livable future such as non-communicable diseases, (bio)tech, mobility, or the future of food. A fan of urban cycling and sustainable development in general, can often been found trekking in the mountains, or dancing swing.

Hana Šmýdová

Innovation Designer

Hana is an Innovation Designer who draws on her extensive experience from business, education and theatre. She designs methodology and moderates workshops that foster team communication and creativity, always having business objectives in mind. She studied management, perfected her organizational skills in theater production, performed as a stand-up comedian (yes, you can google her), all along her lifelong interest in education. She has cooperated with various non-profit organizations such as Amnesty International, Člověk v tísni, or Pragulic. She enjoys traveling, reading, watching films and having fun with her family.

Jana Bubnová

Innovation Designer

As an Innovation Designer, Jana focuses on the design of public services and social business. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Pilsen with a specialization in marketing. During her studies, she spent a semester at the France Business School in Amiens and worked on an international student project at Marquette University in Milwaukee, where she dealt with new forms of marketing communications. She further enriched her work experience at Bohemia Sekt, where she was responsible for PR. Besides understanding the bubbly wines, she also has a training as a sommelier. Although love for wine can lull people into comfy relax, Jana is a different story. She likes to take trekking trips to wilderness. Her longest trek so far is the 900 km pilgrimage across Spain to Santiago de Compostela. She likes to take pictures with classic cameras or polaroids, and loves to play piano and ukulele.

Ondřej Kácha

Innovation Designer

Ondřej enhances the innovation process by focusing on psychosocial factors that affect human decision-making. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychology at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. After that, he pursued training at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the University of Cambridge in the UK, focusing on behavioural aspects of ecological sustainability, adoption of smart mobility, and improving global access to health care. Ondřej has a particular interest in communicating science to non-academic audiences. He held a role of Senior Coordinator in Junior Researcher Programme and co-founded PsyHub to facilitate psychological education among university students and public. In his free time, he loves to engage in any kind of outdoor activities, guitar playing, and photography.

Pavel Hůlka

Innovation Ecosystem Designer

Pavel is responsible for customer care and implementation of innovation ecosystems. He enriches the IdeaSense team with his experience from the corporate world, especially in the area of proactive care for high-value customers. At Vodafone, he applied his innovative approach to a variety of projects. He held positions of National Manager of Mobile Networks and the Technical Support Manager for the Enterprise segment. Pavel holds the Prince 2, an international certificate in project management, as well as Cobit and ITIL certifications. In his leisure time he recharges his batteries outdoors and enjoys spending his time with family.

Marcela Večerková

Business Model Designer

Marcela´s specialization in IdeaSense is designing business models and calculating business cases. She previously worked for Czech Airlines in the Network Development department as a Route manager. Her goal was to maximize route and network profitability. She defined growth opportunities, analysed and created flight schedules, defined route targets and strategy. She took part in creating the company's business plan. Marcela loves flying gliders and is also a glider flight instructor. She likes individual sports practised collectively, especially running and skiing.

Ondřej Jirkovský

Chief Insights Explorer

Ondřej is responsible for the management of IdeaSense research projects and utilising new research methods. He is interested in the behaviour, emotions and attitudes of people, their decision making and the deepest motivations behind it all. He can often find insights for innovation where others are completely unaware of them. Ondřej has been involved in research for more than ten years and has experience with large research projects of TNS AISA and Perfect Crowd agencies, as well as with independent research. He is an expert in the field of qualitative research overlapping with quantitative measurement. He co-developed and co-owns Amanto analytics software used for quantitative and qualitative research of themes from internet sources. In his spare time, he works with wood, sails on a boat and fishes.

Lenka Veselá

Insights Explorer

Lenka is a true qualitative researcher. She spent years doing marketing research at TNS AISA (now Kantar TNS), and as an independent researcher she has worked on a range of sociological research studies in the academic and nonprofit sector. As a sociologist, she also taught qualitative research methods, the Basics of Sociology and Feminist theories at various schools of Charles University. If you want to talk to Lenka in other languages than Czech, try English or Finnish. Since the time she lived in Scandinavia, she has kept her passion for Finnish design and culture.

Lada Langerová

Insights Explorer

Lada joined the team of researchers in IdeaSense with expertise in market research and project management. Already during the studies of finance at the University of Economics Lada devoted several years to data collection for MillwardBrown, a market research agency. For a couple of years she worked as a production manager for the China Investment Forum, an intergovernmental conference supported by Czech and Chinese governmental institutions. Within the non-profit sector Lada organized the Innovation in Education conference, which aims to improve the training of teachers from kindergardens to primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. Lada’s passion for food lednher to work on the Prague Cuisine project where she was responsible for the co-creation of a comprehensive guide to Prague’s complex gastronomic scene. The guide has been published both as a book and online. Lada loves playing basketball, and is an avid yoga practitioner. She is also a flower enthusiast, she loves to care for plants and create experimental flower arrangements.

Jan Melena

Insight Explorer

Honza adds strength and depth of insights to our team of researchers. He is able to perceive and interpret research data very sensitively, he is interested in how contexts play role in insights, which often leads to the core of understanding. In the past, he was active in fine arts and cultural journalism. In his free time, he also devoted himself to publishing and illustrating books in the publishing house he founded with his fellow college students. He likes good books and thinking about the world.

Zuzana Šámalová

Product Specialist

Zuzka is responsible for managing and moderating the Ideapoly web application. At the same time, she implements her innovative ideas and contributes to the development of new features in the application. She also participates in the implementation of Ideapoly for customers, supports them throughout the process, and runs trainings for application users. After spending a year in the UK, she worked briefly at a logistics company in Pilsen, where she took care of ensuring timely deliveries to customers. She graduated from Sociology at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and also earned an Engineering degree in the field of Economic Policy. She loves sports and outdoor adventures. All year round, she is dedicated to running and fitness.

Jiří Hlaváč

Process Designer

At IdeaSense, Jirka focuses mainly on process analysis and process map creation. His career developed along interesting lines. He began as one of the Technoids, specialists and geeks who provided non-standard customer support for the Oskar mobile operator when data services started coming to mobile phones. He gained additional work experience in the Tiscali internet and telecommunications company, where he led the network supervision team and managed the main data centre and the central point of the network in the technology and operations section. Later, he managed telco and ICT projects in the Telefónica Czech Republic sales division, in public and state administration, and for corporate customers. At the time when Spanish Telefónica left the Czech market, Jirka also made a significant career change. He swapped the employee life for the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur, and as a contractor of the Indian company Tech Mahindra, he managed the multinational supply of testing services for the Vodafone Group in the Czech Republic. In his spare time, he travels and learns about the nature and its beauty. He loves to sail and dive in the sea. He sorts out his thoughts during endurance races or cycling to destinations that others normally fly or drive to.

Anna Ambrosová

Customer Experience

Anna’s role includes ongoing testing and improvement of the Ideapoly application as well as ensuring that its users have the best possible experience. Anna pursued linguistic studies of Italian and Portugese at the Charles University in Prague and after that worked as an interpreter, translator and foreign languages tutor. When a short term job opportunity to work in London arose, she didn’t think twice and made the move. She ended up living in London for close to ten years and the city became her second home. Initially, she worked there for the UK branch of a Czech construction company and subsequently for a British financial firm where she was in charge of accounting and financial reporting. Anna loves nature and sport. She’s also interested in arts and psychology and in her spare time enjoys refurbishing old furniture.

Olga Staňková

Customer Experience

Olga takes care of great customer experience with the Ideapoly aplication. She has experience from such diverse environments as the Hero food company Sales Department, the Research and Development Department of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or the original production team of the Czech HBO branch. All of these workplaces have always reflected her interest in non-stereotypical creative work with a link to the international environment. In the framework of the study of International Area Studies and then of American Studies at Charles University, she spent a year in France and a semester in Virginia. This is why she likes to think about how are our day-to-day operations affected by cultural and social standards. In her free time, she takes photos of music festivals and events, she dances, loves forest walks, reading and watching "quality TV". She is a fan of Czech design and architecture.

Jiří Fröhlich

Graphic Artist

Jiří creates illustrations and comics for IdeaSense. He focuses on graphic design, packaging design, illustrations for magazines and calendars, free-hand drawing and painting. Aside his work as an artist-designer, he also worked within the banking sector, where he led a special group created to transport valuable cargo and provide professional bodyguard services. He likes traveling, spending time outdoors, and practices shooting sports.

Ema Cígnerová

Consumer Insights Support

Ema's role at IdeaSense is to ensure effective communication with respondents for quantitative and qualitative research projects, and assisting with administrative duties. She is well equipped for research, both theoretically and practically. Theoretically through her studies in sociology and andragogy at Palacky University in Olomouc, and practically through experience in working with the analytical software Amamto, which enables to draw insights from social media discussions. When Ema isn’t working with data, she likes adventure, people, books, nature, running, yoga and herbalism.

Kateřina Klepáčková

Office Manager

Katka ensures not only flawless office operations but also administrative and HR support for IdeaSense teams, as well as communication with business partners. She has experience in retail and wholesale environments. In the past, she was responsible for distribution of two leisure time brands (Nixon and Femi Stories) for Czech republic. Based on customer experience, she contributed to improving the quality of fashion products. She has a Master's degree from Czech University of Life Sciences, in the field of Food and Nutrition. During innovation workshops, she makes sure everyone is comfortable and well-fed. She loves sports from early childhood. In past, she was a devoted practitioner of the self-defense system Krav Maga. Today, her fondness is Iyengar Yoga.

Jitka Procházková

Office Manager

Jitka aptly manages to support the innovation teams from simple little things to complex assignments. Previously, she worked in an IT company as a client support specialist and later in the nonprofit organization Movement for Active Motherhood as a PR person for the World Week of Respect for Childbirth Festival. She is currently continuing her studies at the Faculty of Education at Charles University. As a volunteer, she participates in the "Bazárek pro Madlenku" event - organizing sales events for the purpose of collecting funds for the salary of a school assistant for Madlenka. In the rest of her spare time she enjoys reading, painting and traveling.

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